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TEAMS Asbestos Survey Technology

Our qualified and experienced teams in London, Kent, Essex and Sussex undertake asbestos surveys in all types of premises including domestic, commercial and industrial properties.


How do we carry out asbestos surveys?

Here at KD Asbestos, we use the leading asbestos software for asbestos surveying and sample analysis.
The samples we take on-site are sent off to laboratories and the results are processed on TEAMS, creating an easy-to-understand report, sent directly to you.
We offer multiple surveys from asbestos management surveys, re-inspection surveys and refurbishment and demolition surveys. Look at our surveying services in more detail.

TEAMS Asbestos Survey Technology

How does this benefit you?

Using TEAMS enables us to send your report to you considerably quicker than the traditional asbestos surveying methods.
This traditional method involves taking samples on site, sending them off to the laboratory, waiting for results and creating a report for you manually. However, we work with laboratories that also use TEAMS, therefore all information is automatically updated as results are identified.
These results are automatically downloaded, generating a report for you, and ensuring the whole process from start to finish is significantly faster than the conventional process.

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There are three different types of surveys offered by KD Asbestos using TEAMS.

Asbestos Management Surveys:

A management survey is carried out when an asbestos survey is required at a site.
Using TEAMS, one of our fully qualified team members will digitally capture information from the asbestos survey onsite via a mobile device or tablet. This is then uploaded onto TEAMS and analysed by a laboratory, alongside any samples.

Re-Inspection Surveys:

A re-inspection survey is a previously surveyed site that is re-inspected.

Using TEAMS, our asbestos specialists can assemble previous survey data onsite allowing them to amend and update the data as required, documenting any changes.

As part of the on-going management of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), continual monitoring post asbestos survey is required at regular intervals. Any ACM identified or suspected ACM will need to be inspected periodically to check that it has not deteriorated or sustained damaged.

As a minimum, ACMs should be checked every six to twelve months. We will use TEAMS to carry out any impending surveys that you may need in the future. This is especially beneficial for both our clients and our asbestos specialists, as we will already have all previous survey data onsite.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

If you are due to have any refurbishment or demolition work carried out, there is a specific requirement in CAR 2012 (regulation 7) for all ACMs to be removed before major refurbishment or final demolition.
Our asbestos specialists use TEAMS to locate and describe all ACMs in the area where the refurbishment work or demolition will take place.

Professional Asbestos Surveys and Removals - Workers remove asbestos from residential building

Bulk Sample Analysis

We use TEAMS to receive information on the analysis of samples that have been sent off to the laboratory.

Before sending off any samples to the lab, we gather survey information, sample details and any site references and notes from the job. This is recorded on the system via a tablet device and can be accessed by both our specialists and the laboratory. This process automatically ensures we are ready to receive your results from the lab.

The laboratories then generate a fully detailed, professional report designed for both KD Asbestos and our customers, using TEAMS.

residential and commercial

Please see below an example management asbestos survey for one of our commercial clients using TEAMS

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